Saathii Re

Saathii Re


  • On Air Date: 09 Oct, 2006
  • Off Air Date: 8/9/2007 12:00:00 AM
  • Runtime: 24 mins
Genres: Drama



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The serial “Saathii Re” is a story of an ideal ‘Indian girl’ named Suman. She is a dutiful daughter, a loving sister, beautiful and idealistic in her morals and values. She belongs to a small family with middle class lifestyle. The story develops of their moments of joys, togetherness, turmoil and sorrows. But her little world is not that simple because of her dreaming nightmares. She sees nightmares that resurrects again and again gives her distress every time and as a consequence of that suffers bad incidents. These nightmares have greater significance which will determine her future as the story goes on. Directed by Ravindra Gautam and Riti Chopra with duration of 24 minutes of each episode, this serial went on Star one. It was premiered on October 09, 2006 and ended on August 09, 2007. Some characters were portrayed by Sanjeeda Sheikh, Rakhi Tandon, Jennifer Winget and Sanjit Bedi.

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